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Maths in Business

The University of Sydney Business School appreciates the importance of mathematics as a fundamental skill set for any aspiring and successful business student. Intermediate mathematical abilities are required by the majority of the compulsory foundational units of study and are demanded by senior units in Finance, Accounting and Business Analytics. Therefore, it is crucial for you to have a firm command over your mathematical ability as you progress through your degree.

Accordingly, the Business School provides a free series of workshops open to all students interested in mastering both basic and higher intermediate level mathematics.

These math workshops provide an opportunity:

  • for you to both develop and master both basic and higher intermediate level mathematics in welcoming, relaxed, highly interactive and small-sized tutorials;
  • to get an edge in subjects such as accounting, finance and statistics through a specially developed course tailored to your needs;
  • to meet new people in your course - a great way to break the ice when starting university and find high achieving teammates for group; assessments;
  • to meet with an experienced mathematics tutor who has excelled at the units they have undertaken and completely understand the first year experience; and
  • to have access to additional practice materials and resources at the conclusion of every workshop which will enable you to autonomously build on your learning and understanding.

The workshops will run from weeks 2 to 6 of semester. They will be structured to allow you to initially strengthen your knowledge of algebra before proceeding to develop your calculus skills, probability and then progressing to refine your skills in Excel.

Maths resources