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Student Mentoring

The Business School offers a number of mentoring programs to students at different stages of their degree.

The Peer Mentoring Program offers newly enrolled undergraduate and postgraduate students the opportunity to meet their peers and benefit from senior students' guidance and advice in settling in to study at the Business School. The Peer Mentoring Program is also an opportunity for experienced students to develop leadership skills, contribute to the Business School learning community and to begin networking with future colleagues and business leaders.

The LUCY Mentoring Program is a leadership program for young women of the Business School. The program inspires, motivates and educates women about the opportunities available for employment and leadership in the corporate and public sectors by pairing successful applicants with a senior business leader as a mentor. Calls for student applications are made at the beginning of each year.

The Inspired by Business mentoring program runs in conjunction with the Inspired by Business program. Undergraduate mentors are recruited to participate in a yearlong mentoring program with a mentee on a one-on-one basis. The Inspired by Business mentoring program offers numerous opportunities for professional and leadership development. The Inspired by Business mentoring program applications will open in early October.

The Business Alumni Mentoring Program matches final year students with alumni of the Business School for one-to-one mentoring over a six month period between June and December. This program runs annually, calls for student applications are made at the beginning of each year.

The Dalyell Scholars Mentoring Program is a three-pronged program that knits together a system of mentors for the duration of the Scholar’s degree. In year one students have access to peer-to-peer mentoring; in year two the program will include academic-Dalyell Scholar mentoring; in year three the program involves alumni-Dalyell Scholar mentoring. In year one, first year Dalyell scholars will be connected with senior high-achieving students. Mentees receive guidance on university and faculty processes and services, and benefit from having experienced advice in adjusting to university life. Mentors develop cultural competency, interpersonal and leadership skills, and contribute to building a strong network of high-achieving students for future professional relationships.

Students at a mentoring event