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Inspired by Business Mentoring

The Inspired by Business Program aims to recognise and support talented high school students to achieve their full potential through access to a university education at the University of Sydney Business School. The Program works with schools identified in low-socio economic communities to identify students who have an interest in studying business but who may not have thought about studying at the University of Sydney.

As part of the Program, students are matched with a peer mentor to help them settle into university life. Do you want to be part of the Inspired by Business mentoring team in 2015?

Applications are now open.

Why should you become an Inspired by Business mentor?

There are significant benefits to becoming an Inspired by Business mentor such as an opportunity to:

  • Work within a supportive and enjoyable team environment
  • Personal satisfaction through helping others
  • Free professional development in leadership and communication skills
  • A certificate of recognition when you complete the Inspired by Business professional development program
  • Improved communication, organisation, reporting and time management skills
  • Widening of your networks on campus
  • Significant experience to enhance your CV such as documented leadership experience

Mentor commitment

In addition, the Inspired by Business mentors will be paid and your commitments will include:

  • To host a 1 hour meeting with your mentee per fortnight for the first semester (second semester may incur a different less frequent meeting schedule)
  • To complete three written reports per semester
  • To attend various Inspired by Business team meetings across semester
  • Attend the new student enrolment day in January 2015
  • Attend orientation week events with mentee in February 2015

It is anticipated that there will be between approximately 1 - 3 paid hours of work each week of semester 1 for each mentor. This may decrease in semester 2 depending on the needs of the Inspired by Business mentee. The rate of payment is at HEO 3, Level 1 and is approximately $34.35 per hour. There will be incremental increases to this pay level throughout 2015.

How do I apply?

The deadline for Inspired by Business mentoring program applications Friday 31st October at 10am.

Your complete application will include a number of documents:

  1. Inspired by Business mentoring application form.
  2. A statement that addresses each of the selection criteria (up to 2 pages in length).
  3. A copy of your university results on official university letterhead or a copy of your university transcript

Applicants need to either email or submit a hard copy of their complete application by the due date to:


Inspired by Business
Attention: Nadia McDonagh
Student Mentoring Programs Coordinator
The University of Sydney Business School
Room 231, H04 - Merewether Building
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

Selection criteria

The purpose of the initial application process is to develop an 'eligibility list' for the Inspired by Business mentoring professional development that occurs early 2015. Applicants will undergo professional development to further assess their suitability for the role.

You MUST address ALL if the selection criteria below in your 'Selection Criteria Statement', including both the 'essential' and 'desirable' criteria.


  • Currently studying in an undergraduate program at the Business school
  • An interest and desire to assist new students in their transition to university study
  • A credit average
  • Good time management, communication, listening and interpersonal skills as well as possession of such qualities as credibility, commitment and approachability
  • Empathy with students and the struggles they may experience in specific units of study and/or their transition to university study
  • Ability to identify areas of student difficulty AND strategies to help students overcome those difficulties
  • Ability to commit to work at least one year in the Inspired by Business mentoring program


  • Previous experience as a Peer Mentor
  • Knowledge of and commitment to complying with EEO/AA principles

Note: It is essential that mentors can attend the professional development to be eligible to apply for a position in the Inspired by Business mentoring team. The Professional Development is scheduled to occur in December 2014. Applicants who cannot attend will not be considered for the role. The professional development also forms part of the selection process.

Important notes:

To be considered for these positions, applicants must address ALL the selection criteria and must follow the application process precisely. Positions are competitive and meeting the selection criteria does not guarantee employment. Information about your interviews There will be an interview with a selection panel consisting of 2 Business School staff. Interviews will take about 15 minutes and last no longer than 20 minutes.

Confirmed employment in Inspired by Business mentoring program Employment in the program ultimately depends on the following: Your performance during the Inspired by Business professional development The number of new inspired by business student enrolments into the Business School in 2015.

Do you need more information?

For more information or any enquiries, please email