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PASS Recruitment

Want to be part of the PASS team in 2018?

Applications to be part of the 2018 PASS team are due by 10am on Friday 15 September 2017.

Why should you become a PASS facilitator?

Becoming a PASS Facilitator will offer a unique experience to grow in a professional and personal capacity. See the feedback from PASS team members at the end of this web page. In particular, the significant benefits to becoming a PASS facilitator are:

  1. Working within a supportive and enjoyable team environment
  2. Personal satisfaction through helping others
  3. Paid on-going professional development in group leadership and communication skills.
  4. A certificate of recognition when you complete the 3 day PASS Assessment Centre
  5. Widening of your networks on campus
  6. Improved learning of your course content
  7. Improved organisation and time management skills
  8. Most importantly, PASS equips you with the skills most highly sought after by employers:
    1. Leadership: As a facilitator, you lead the discussion central to helping students garner a deeper understanding of course concepts. Intrinsic to this is the ability to balance/leverage different personalities and abilities within your sessions and act as a mentor to younger students who are transitioning to university life.
    2. Team working: PASS emulates the professional environment through weekly team meetings that will help you become an effective team player. Meetings are essential to preparing sessions and discussing facilitation strategies unique to your discipline.
    3. Communication and Interpersonal Skills: strong development of oral presentation skills; being able to build rapport with your students and confidently and clearly articulating questions will be an integral part of your role.
    4. Problem Solving: you will need to revise and master fundamental technical skills relevant to your discipline but will also need to solve facilitation issues that arise. This involves higher order thinking skills to be able to ‘read people’ and anticipate student responses.
    5. Accepting and Applying Feedback: One of the most desirable skills in a graduate is the ability to accept constructive criticism in a positive manner. PASS operates just like a professional environment with performance reviews twice a semester and co-ordinator feedback that you will be expected to implement to aid your development.
    6. Creative thinking: Creating engaging and thought provoking materials for students to use each week demands a lot of creativity; Often, you will need to break down a concept from different angles, using different hypothetical scenarios to do so.

In addition, PASS unit facilitators will be paid:

  1. To facilitate PASS study sessions (2-6 per week)
  2. To complete one hour of preparation each week
  3. To attend various PASS team meetings across semester
  4. To re-attend some lectures in the unit(s) they facilitate in

It is anticipated that there will be between approximately 3-10 paid hours of work each week of semester for each unit facilitator. The rate of payment is at HEO 4, Level 1 and is approximately $45.15 per hour. There will be incremental increases to this pay level throughout 2018.