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PASS Recruitment

Want to be part of the PASS team in 2016?

The deadline for PASS applications is 10am Friday 18th September sharp.

Why should you become a peer facilitator?

PASS Recruitment

See the feedback from PASS team members at the end of this web page. However, in addition to the benefits and satisfaction they describe, there are other significant benefits to becoming a peer facilitator such as:

  1. Working within a supportive and enjoyable team environment
  2. Personal satisfaction through helping others
  3. Free professional development in group leadership and communication skills
  4. A certificate of recognition when you complete the PASS professional development
  5. Improved learning of your course content
  6. Improved communication, organisation and time management skills
  7. Increased confidence and experience in working within teams, including increased understanding of the dynamics of students teams and experience in leading groups of people from varied cultural backgrounds
  8. Widening of your networks on campus
  9. Significant experience to enhance your CV such as documented leadership experience

In addition, PASS Peer facilitators will be paid:

  1. To facilitate PASS study sessions (2-6 per week, with the average number of sessions being 2-3)
  2. To complete one hour of preparation each week
  3. To attend various PASS team meetings across semester
  4. To re-attend some lectures in the unit(s) they facilitate in

It is anticipated that there will be between approximately 3-6 paid hours of work each week of semester for each peer facilitator. The rate of payment is at HEO 3, Level 1 and is approximately $34.35 per hour. There will be incremental increases to this pay level throughout 2016.

Facilitator feedback

Why would you want to be a PASS facilitator? Here are some comments from the PASS facilitator team over the last few years about the benefits of working in the PASS team:

  • Firstly, it's a convenient job to have on campus and it is well paid. Secondly, it allows us to maintain our knowledge of the 'basics' in certain subjects and encourages us to stay on top of what's going on in the business world. But by far the best thing about being part of PASS has been the PEOPLE; I am constantly surrounded by a team of bright and lively people, and it's an absolute pleasure being around them (2013)
  • The PASS Team is so tightly knit, we are like one big family. The amount of support we provide for each other, the amount of time we spend together, the amount of PASS socials and our sharing of the same passion an commitment to PASS all contribute to such an amazing sense of belonging. Put that together with the fulfilling experience of seeing students grow throughout the semester and appreciate the value of PASS, and PASS is a truly rewarding experience (2013)
  • Our team is very supportive and the coordinator is quite friendly, making me have a sense of belonging, in addition, the experience of being a PASS facilitator not only help me make friends but also build up my confidence and organisation skills regarding multi-tasking. (2012)
  • The best thing about being part of the PASS team is the sense of camaraderie and collegiality that I've experienced. The support mechanism in the form of peer and coordinator reviews was very helpful in allowing me to improve my skills as a facilitator. (2012)
  • The best things were the opportunity to test my knowledge of foundational principles, be a part of a highly intelligent and supportive team who make the job a lot of fun and naturally the lovely office which has become a home on campus. It's a great working environment, and at no point have I ever felt without support or alone as I always know there will be people there to help me, whether PASS related or not, which is a comforting thought which I think allows me to have the confidence to throw myself into other areas of uni life. (2012)