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How do I apply?

Want to be part of the PASS team in 2016?

The deadline for PASS applications is 10am Friday 18th September sharp.

To apply applicants need to complete an application form and submit it in triplicate (i.e., 3 copies of the complete application pack).

Your complete application will include a number of documents:

  1. Law PASS Facilitators application form ( 107Kb)
    (NOTE: Use this application if you are ONLY applying to be a Peer Facilitators in Law units for semester 1 and 2, 2016)
  2. Business PASS Facilitators application form ( 121Kb)
  3. A statement, providing evidence, which addresses each of the selection criteria (up to 2 pages in length). See tips on how to write a Selection Criteria Statement .
  4. A copy of your university results on official university letterhead or a copy of your university transcript
  5. A passport style photograph.

Applicants need to submit 3 full hard copies of their complete application by the due date to:


Attention: Jessica Morr
Business Education
The University of Sydney Business School
Room 201, H10 - Storie Dixson Building
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

Important notes:

  1. No late applications will be considered under any circumstances.
  2. To be considered for these positions, applicants must address ALL the above selection criteria and must follow the application process precisely.
  3. See tips on how to write a Selection Criteria Statement to help you write and address the selection criteria
  4. Positions are competitive and meeting the selection criteria does not guarantee employment.

PASS UoS for 2016

Undergraduate Units

  • ACCT1006 Accounting and Financial Management
  • ACCT2012 Management Accounting A
  • BUSS1001 Understanding Business
  • BUSS1002 The Business Environment
  • BUSS1020 Quantitative Business Analysis
  • BUSS1030 Accounting, Business and Society
  • BUSS1040 Economics for Business Decision Making
  • CLAW1001 Foundations of Business Law
  • CLAW5001 Legal Environment of Business
  • FINC2011 Corporate Finance I
  • FINC2012 Corporate Finance II
  • INFS1000 Digital Business Innovation
  • LAWS1012 Torts
  • LAWS1016 Criminal Law
  • LAWS1015 Contracts
  • LAWS1017 Torts and Contracts II (semester 2)
  • LAWS1023 Public International Law

Postgraduate Units (Note: Honours students may apply for these positions)

  • ACCT5001 Accounting Principles
  • ACCT6001 Intermediate Financial Reporting
  • ACCT6010 Advanced Financial Reporting
  • BUSS5000 Critical Thinking in Business
  • BUSS5001 Firms, Markets and Business Management
  • CLAW5001 Legal Environment of Business
  • FINC5001 Capital Markets and Corporate Finance
  • QBUS5001 Quantitative Methods for Business
  • LAWS5001 Torts (semester 1)
  • LAWS5002 Contracts (semester 1)
  • LAWS5006 Torts and Contracts II (semester 2)

Information about your interviews

There will be an interview with a selection panel consisting of 3 Business School staff. Interviews will take about 15 minutes and last no longer than 20 minutes.

Confirmed employment in PASS

Employment in the program ultimately depends upon a number of issues such as:

  1. Your performance during the PASS professional development
  2. The number of student enrolments into the Business School in 2016
  3. The number and breadth of units that PASS will operate in
  4. The availability of rooms for the sessions
  5. Confirming which units of study that PASS will operate in throughout 2016
  6. The 2016 personal timetables of team members and their availability to facilitate sessions

Note: the size of the PASS team reduces in semester 2 resulting in fewer people being employed.

Do you need more information?

For more information or any enquiries, please email