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Selection criteria

The purpose of the initial application process is to develop an 'eligibility list' for the PASS professional development that will occur from the 16th-18th February 2016. Applicants will undergo professional development to further assess their suitability for the role.

You MUST address ALL if the selection criteria below in your 'Selection Criteria Statement', including both the 'essential' and 'desirable' criteria.


  • A Distinction or High Distinction grade in a relevant Unit of Study and a credit average overall in your academic achievement to date.
    Note: You can apply to facilitate in a unit of study that you are currently studying if you think it is likely that you will achieve a Distinction or High Distinction.
  • Good time management, communication, listening and interpersonal skills as well as possession of such qualities as credibility, commitment and approachability
  • Empathy with students and the struggles they may experience in specific units of study and/or their transition to university study
  • Ability to identify areas of student difficulty AND strategies to help students overcome those difficulties
  • Understanding of the PASS program, including belief in the benefits of peer learning and group discussion, along with a desire to put this into practice
  • Capacity to facilitate a group without dominating
  • Capacity and commitment to apply the PASS model and apply feedback on your own performance
  • Ability to commit to work at least one year in the PASS program


  • Previous experience in PASS as a participant
  • A passion for the unit of study you want to facilitate in
  • Ability to facilitate sessions in more than one Unit of Study
  • Knowledge of and commitment to complying with EEO/AA principles

NOTE: We encourage ALL eligible students to apply for to be a PASS facilitator. Students who have applied for other Business school positions (eg. Industry placement program or international placement programs) must indicate what they have applied for on their PASS application form. Some programs clash with the PASS professional development. It is essential that facilitators can attend the professional development to be successful in their application to join the PASS team. It may be possible to achieve this through consultation with these programs if the PASS coordinator has all relevant information.