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What do PASS facilitators do?

PASS facilitators need to commit to facilitating, on average 3 -6 PASS groups for at least one year. PASS facilitators are supervised and supported by the PASS coordinator. The coordinator also attempts to find the best fit between your own classes and those you are asked to facilitate. PASS sessions will commence from week 2 of each semester.

In the weekly sessions peer facilitators will:

  • Follow the PASS peer learning model
  • Model effective study skills in particular discipline areas
  • Facilitate a learner-centred, interactive, engaging and supportive learning environment
  • Upload material to the PASS blackboard program on a weekly basis to support students' learning

Peer facilitators do not:

  • Re-teach lecture material
  • Provide answers
  • Spend time in PASS answering, discussing or working on assessable material

Additional requirements of the position

There are additional responsibilities associated with this role. To be successful in this role you will need to be able to commit to the following responsibilities:

  • Commit to attend regular weekly meetings with the whole PASS team for ongoing professional development and peer collaboration on materials for PASS (note: facilitators are paid for these meetings and are expected to attend; every effort is made to find a time that is compatible with the team's individual schedules)
  • Keep records of attendance of your PASS group(s) and submit them each week to the PASS coordinator
  • Keep a learning journal as a formal record of what learning activities occurred during PASS and also as a record of your own learning
  • Spend one hour each week preparing for your facilitation role
  • Complete the administration necessary for your role
  • Peer review others in your team and be peer reviewed in turn
  • Be available on campus at a minimum, 3 weekdays per week