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Meet our students

We’ve asked some of our students to share their reasons for choosing Sydney, their degree and what their experience has been so far.

Student videos

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Student experience: Madeline

Madeline shares her experience in the Industry Placement Program as an intern with the Australian National Committee for UN Women.

Student experience: Helen

Helen undertook an AIESEC exchange where she was involved in empowering students in Sri Lanka with skills to prepare them for the workforce.

Student experience: Chris

Chris shares how he set up his own business while studying for his Bachelor of Commerce.

Student testimonials

"The Accounting major has opened a lot of doors for me, and my cadetship with KPMG has allowed me to move beyond simply having work experience, to become part of the firm that I was placed with. It's been a huge head start for my career."
Anthea Lee, Accounting Major Cadetship Student

"The Commerce (Liberal Studies) program has provided me with opportunities for international experience, and helped me develop my research skills through my honours year, which resulted in two graduate offers this year."
Angus Ellice-Flint, Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies)

"Through the International Business major, I had the opportunity to learn from lecturers who were also practicing professionals, better preparing me for the realities of the business world, in Australia and abroad."
Brittany Guilleaume, IBUS Major

"My Commercial Law major allows me to understand not just how a business operates, but also the legal environment that regulates it - something that I believe is critical for success in business, wherever you are in the world."
Jamie Kennedy, Commercial Law Major

"The Management major helped me develop the leadership skills and contacts I need to work in an international company, and taught me the key things that make an effective manager in today's ever-changing business world."
Ema Karavdic, Management Major

"Before completing my Vacationer Program at Ernst & Young, I was considering the many different types of career options available to me. By the time I finished my program, I had developed a solid career plan with achievable goals."
Joshua Spencer, Consultant, Advisory Ernst & Young

"During the GFC, the process of financial decision-making came under heavy scrutiny. My Finance major was the perfect platform for learning about how that process influences investment decisions."
Mario Moreno, Finance Major

"The Industry Placement Program is the reason I work at Deloitte today. The amount of support I received was fantastic, and the knowledge I gained from my placement and through my degree have been invaluable to my career so far."
Nanette Van Jaarsveld, Senior Analyst Deloitte

Student videos

To find out more about what our students and staff have to say, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

MBA Student Profile - Hugh Simpson

Hugh Simpson shares his MBA experience.

Why choose the Master of Management?

The Master of Management program at the Business School.

Master of Commerce student testimonial -Salma Farouque

Salma talks about why she chose the Master of Commerce at the Business School.

MBA Student Profile - Anita Mitchell

Anita Mitchell talks about why you should study the MBA at the Business School.

Master of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations

Sally Ingram, Business Leader Postgraduate Scholarship recipient, talks about why she chose the Business School.

Industry Placement Program

We offer you the opportunity to work and study in Washington DC and LA.

Student testimonials

Patchara-on Chalacheva

"In addition to the knowledge and skills I have developed, this program has also helped me to build my confidence. As a result, I feel ready to enter a new career, and to capture the opportunities presented by the growing need for logistics expertise."
Patchara-on Chalacheva, Master of Logistics Management

Sergio Daher Garcia

"I’m driven everyday by a passion to seize the opportunities provided by this course and the experts around me. It is helping me achieve excellence in my career through a mixture of theory, practice and connection to the industry."
Sergio Daher Garcia, Master of Transport Management and Master of Logistics Management

Freya Smith

"I would recommend the Master of Commerce program to anyone looking to add another layer to their personal development and fast-track their career. It has helped me realise my own professional ambitions."
Freya Smith, Change Manager Westpac

Max Soyref

"The Business School has given me the best opportunity to focus on my passion for researching information security, and its industry connections have allowed me to see the direct impact my research is having on the media and business world."
Max Soyref, PhD student

Michaela Song-Me Back

"I chose the Business School because of the opportunity it gave me to participate in the exchange program, to broaden my academic perspective, immerse myself in a new culture and to expand my international network."
Michaela Song-Me Back, Exchange Program Participan

Adam Kennedy

"I left a senior corporate role in Tokyo to enrol in the Master of Marketing program. I chose to pursue this program to build on my marketing experience, to broaden my understanding and to ultimately succeed in a new line of work."
Adam Kennedy, Master of Marketing

Krisabelle Sebastian

"The CEMS program has already begun to open doors for me, into the world of international business, and is helping me towards my goal of establishing an NGO in my home community, to help the people of the Philippines."
Krisabelle Sebastian, Master of Management (CEMS)

James Strickland

"This degree has helped me to develop the technical, analytical and communication skills I needed to further my career. These skills have combined perfectly with the knowledge I gained from my undergraduate degree."
James Strickland, Master of Professional Accounting

Georgia Knox

"The Sydney MBA has been a transformational experience, delivering practical skills and thought-leading insight and knowledge. It has been brilliant to learn alongside such a strong group of talented and motivated people."
Georgia Knox, Project Manager at APN News and Media

Sylvia Chan

"Through the International Business program, I have had the opportunity to meet and learn with students from all over the world. I've been able to tailor the program to suit my own career needs, and learnt valuable cultural lessons along the way."
Sylvia Chan, Master of International Business