Speakers: Sydney Ideas

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Exploring the Last Frontier - Brian Schmidt

Filmed at the Great Hall on 11th of July, 2013

The War on Terror and the Credit Crunch

A Sydney Ideas talk, filmed on 30th of August, 2010, featuring Loretta Napoleoni, an economist specialising in the Eurozone

Looking Again at Picasso's Guernica

A Sydney Ideas talk with Timothy J Clark, held on the 20th of June, 2011

Voices of Muslim Women in Islamic Reform

A Sydney Ideas talk featuring Dr Amina Wadud, held on the 28th of April, 2011

Why Deliberative Democracy Matters

Sydney Ideas 2nd March 2011

I'm Not Racist, But...

A panel event co-hosted by Sydney Ideas and the NSW Reconciliation Council, looking at the dark side of the Australian character

IQ2 Debate - We Need a Nanny State

The Sydney Ideas debating teams weigh up personal freedoms versus government intervention. Filmed 17 Aug 2011

Prof Guy Standing - "The Precariat"

Professor Guy Standing from the University of Bath gave this talk at Sydney Ideas in Feb 2012, on his book The Precariat - The New Dangerous Class

True Judge vs New Judge

The Role of the Reviewer in the Twitter Age
Filmed Sydney Ideas, 20 Sep 2011

Non-communicable Diseases and Sustainable Development

Sir George Alleyne speaks at Sydney Ideas on the effects of prosperity upon our health

A Journey Through Space

NASA astronaut Dr Greg Chamitoff gives a presentation on his experiences on the final US space shuttle mission

Australia and the 21st Century

Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General of the UN, speaks at the Great Hall at the University of Sydney, in Sep 2011

One Just World Forum: Corrupt Governments

A Sydney Ideas event in conjunction with One Just World, featuring a panel of experts discussing the topic: Should We Give Aid to Countries Whose Governments are Corrupt?