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Management Education

UN Women National Committee Australia Partnership

We have partnered with UN Women NC Australia in a joint effort to promote gender equality and in a united goal to further women's education.

Global Executive MBA Integrated Management Module - Windgap Foundation

Students in the Global Executive MBA work with the Windgap Foundation to deliver solutions that will assist the organisation in developing a more sustainable business model.

Your Career, MBA Career Services

Lisa Tarry, Careers and Corporate Relations Manager, MBA Programs, discusses the MBA Career Services offered at the University of Sydney Business School.

The Digital Disruption of Everything with Mark Zawacki

Founder and Managing Partner of 650 Labs, Mark Zawacki recently spoke at an MBA breakfast about the digital disruption of everything.

Leadership Re-Imagined Seminar with Mark Kramer

Mark Kramer, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Foundation Strategy Group and 'Shared Value' specialist spoke about the need to create shared value at the Leadership Re-Imagined seminar partnered by the University of Sydney Business School and Banarra.

BOSS Emerging Leaders MBA Scholarship Recipient Announced

Natalie Cope, a 31 year old professional and former lawyer has been awarded an Emerging Leaders MBA Scholarship by the University of Sydney Business School and the Financial Review's BOSS Magazine.

Emerging Leaders Masterclass - The Truth About Lying

Professor of Marketing at the University of Sydney Business School Elizabeth and CEO of EDDI, Darren Cole share insights on deception and the detection of deception in business in the second Emerging Leaders Masterclass for 2014.

Master of Management Ranked No. 1 in Australia

Dean of the Business School, Professor Greg Whitwell; Associate Dean (Management Education), Associate Professor Philip Seltsikas; and current Master of Management student, Emma Cowan, talk about the internationally ranked Master of Management program at the Business School...

Leadership Re-Imagined - Debunking Myths about Women in Leadership

The University of Sydney Business School hosted a panel discussion on the topic of 'Debunking myths about women in leadership' and the call for greater gender equality in the workplace...

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