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Opinion Box

Eliza Wu

In times of economic uncertainty, international banks are likely to pull-back on cross-border banking activities. Dr Eliza Wu, Associate Professor in the Discipline of Finance discusses the potential implications from Brexit on Asia Pacific- a region heavily reliant on bank financing.

Greg Whitwell

The Business School has been a part of the ground breaking research 'blueprint', which looked at the cultural composition of leaders within the ASX200, Federal Parliament, the public service and universities.

Massimo Garbuio

When developing a strategy for engaging with start-ups, Dr Massimo Garbuio states that big companies need to have the right mindset to successfully capture the start-up attitude to expose untapped assets and fuel innovation.

Hans Hendrischke

Chinese investment in Australia is growing strongly and involving new industries such as healthcare. Professor Hans Hendrischke discusses the positive findings from his research with KPMG on Chinese investment for both China and Australia.

Shumi Akhtar

Dr Shumi Akhtar examines implications of the Panama Papers – a set of 11.5 million documents providing information on tax havens used by high profile individuals and businesses.

Andrew Grant

Will online alternative financing replace the banks? Dr Andrew Grant discusses the first comprehensive study of the sector in the Asia-Pacific region. Part 1 of 2.

Eva Huang

Online alternative finance is growing in record numbers, according to the first comprehensive study of the sector in the Asia-Pacific region. Part 2 or 2.

Dimitria Groutsis

Despite the well-established business benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce, a survey of some of Australia's most diversity-aware companies highlight the need for more rigour. Video 2 of 2.

Diane van den Broek

Despite the well-established business benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce, a survey of some of Australia's most diversity-aware companies highlight the need for more rigour. Part 1 of 2.

David Hensher

New research has found that the growing network of toll roads means many motorists are increasingly hitting their financial limit, which has major implications for patronage forecasting and toll roads throughout the city.

Ranjit Voola

Associate Professor Ranjit Voola argues that when considering creating shared value (CSV) across organisations, we must take a nuanced approach, moving away from understanding CSV in organisations as a dichotomy, but rather considering its application as a continuum.

Richard Seymour

Dr Richard Seymour, Director of the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program, shares how entrepreneurship education is developing economic opportunities for women and people with disabilities in Myanmar, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Michael Katz

Moving beyond CSR, which is seen as peripheral and more messaging than reality, the concept of dual mandate is an important development, with the important distinction of meeting a minimum mandated deliverable on both financial and social measures.


Associate Professor Rae Cooper discusses her research into flexible working arrangements. She says that while flexibility has often been viewed as a response to employee needs, we also need to be positioning it as a core business concern.

Sally Wood

What does big data really mean? Professor Sally Wood discusses the latest research, insights and opportunities for Australian businesses in our latest opinion box video.

Susan Thorp

Australians are increasingly at risk of making the wrong decisions in crucial areas, such as superannuation investments, because of poor levels of financial literacy. Professor Susan Thorp discusses the current research being undertaken to improve financial literacy levels worldwide.

Stephen Clibborn

Dr Stephen Clibborn, Associate Lecturer, Discipline of Work and Organisational Studies, discusses his research into undocumented immigrant workers, and closing the gap between our immigration and employment laws.

Leanne Cutcher

There is a curious paradox that as the workforce population ages, the age at which workers are being labelled as 'old' by recruiters and organisations is getting younger. Leanne discusses her research into managing age in organisations in light of the recent Intergenerational Report.

Cary Di Lernia

The current trend away from common brands led by younger consumers has prompted Dr Cary Di Lernia and Professor Andrew Terry to propose a revolutionary new approach to the traditional franchise model. Watch now and for more information, view their article recently published in the Wall Street Journal.

Danika Wright

House prices are a hot topic for many Australians. Markets such as Sydney and Melbourne have seen a rise in house prices by roughly 10-15% over the last 12 months. Dr Danika Wright explores some of the issues surrounding the current climate, as well as common misconceptions.

Kai Reimer

Digital disruption changes and challenges established ways of doing business, social interactions and more generally, our thinking. Associate Professor Kai Reimer discusses the phenomenon, and the current work being done by the Digital Disruption Research Group.

Eric Knight

Dr Eric Knight's latest book, Why We Argue About Climate Change, takes on one of the most contentious policy issues in Australia and in international politics. He discusses what he believes to be at the heart of the debate, and the critical role of entrepreneurs and small businesses in the solution.

Antony Ting

Dr Antony Ting discusses Apple's tax structure and global tax avoidance.

Rico Merkert

Dr Rico Merkert, Senior Lecturer in Aviation Management at the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies, discusses the announcement of a second Sydney airport in Badgerys Creek.

Rae Cooper

Associate Professor Rae Cooper from the University of Sydney Business School discusses the challenges and opportunities for women in leadership today.

Juliette Overland

Following the ASIC investigation of share trading by David Jones' directors, Juliette discusses the need for every publicly listed company to consider the circumstances in which directors can buy or sell shares.

Tony Webber

Associate Professor Tony Webber from the University of Sydney Business School talks about possible solutions to the difficulties Qantas is currently facing.

Kai Riemer talks about the National Broadband Network

Dr Kai Riemer talks about why the decision to invest in the NBN (National Broadband Network) will yield long term value for the Australian economy.

Richard Seymour

Dr Richard Seymour talks about measuring and improving enterprise's performance and impact using the tool "StrategicFrame".

Kai Riemer

Dr Kai Riemer talks about the emerging use of social media within workplaces.

Tony Webber

Associate Professor Tony Webber discusses the drivers impacting airline fuel consumption.

John Buchanan

John Buchanan from the Workplace Research Centre at the Business School highlights the challenges facing Qantas following the recent industrial action.

Juliette Overland

Juliette Overland from the Discipline of Business Law discusses the recent Hanlong Mining insider trading case and the challenges it poses for ASIC.

David Hensher

David Hensher on the critical NSW election issue of Transport. (March 2011)

Maurice Peat

Dr Maurice Peat from the Discipline of Finance discusses the State Government's planned sell off of electricity assets.

Deborah Bunker

Dr Deborah Bunker from the Discipline of BIS, discusses the importance of local knowledge in the recent Queensland flood crisis.

Marylouise Caldwell

Dr Marylouise Caldwell from the Discipline of Marketing, analyses why it's not all doom and gloom for the economy this Xmas.

Terry Beed

Dr Terry Beed from the Master of Marketing program talks about ethics in marketing strategy and where the banks are getting it wrong.

Marian Baird

Professor Marian Baird applauds the Federal Government decision to introduce paid parental leave.

David Hensher

Professor David Hensher from the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies, talks about the High Speed Rail being back on the agenda. (May 2010)