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The Business of Managing Climate Change

Professor Chris Wright presents his important research on how Australian Businesses are responding to the risks and opportunities of climate change.

Urban transport: A little less conversation, a little more action

Professor David Hensher, ITLS presents his latest research about the challenges facing the NSW transport system. (May 2011)

The Big Brother Age?

Dr Philip Seltsikas, Chair, Discipline of Business Information Systems investigates the major challenges surrounding how governments manage user identities online.

Mission Impossible: Structuring and Auditing Australian Corporate Groups

Professor Graeme Dean debates the need to improve Australia's corporate reporting procedures

Executive Pay - What's Wrong? What's Reasonable?

Latest Research from Associate Professor John Shields (Discipline of Work and Organisational Studies).

Corporate Disclosure - A benefit or a burden?

Research forum debates bedrock of financial markets. The panel was led by Professor Alex Frino.

Spend or Don't Spend

Dr Paul Henry, Chair of the Discipline of Marketing looks at how consumer behaviour is changing in the face of the economic downturn.