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Research Highlights

Bridging the refugee employment gap

Research by Dr Betina Szkudlarek, Associate Professor in Management, Associate Professor in Management and her team, Dr Luciara Nardon, Eun Su Lee and Duc Cuong Nguyen, investigates refugee labour integration.

The impact of new technologies on insider trading

Research by Dr Juliette Overland highlights the way that insider trading is changing as a result of technological developments which have altered the way that people communicate and access information.

Having it all and avoiding climate disaster? Maybe not.

Professor Christopher Wright is casting new light on the role of business as both a contributor and potential provider of solutions to the climate crisis.

Managing emotional labour

Anya Johnson and Helena Nguyen propose new strategies for helping workers in high stress jobs handle the emotional cost of managing their feelings and organisational expectations at work.

High Frequency Trading: a toxic effect on market evolution?

University of Sydney Business School researchers Amy Kwan and Richard Philip are bringing new insights to the evolution of financial markets through their research into high-frequency trading.

Design cognition – creating the next generation of entrepreneurs

In a recent study, Massimo Garbuio and a team of researchers look at four strategies of design cognition – framing, analogical reasoning, abduction and mental simulation – to train students in opportunity creation.

Employment and gender equality

Flexible working arrangements for both men and women in the workplace can boost corporate profits through profitability gains, Dr Rae Cooper explains.

The social side of e-commerce - lessons from rural China

Every year, for the foreseeable future, another 30 million Chinese will go online to shop, according to a new Boston Consulting Group report.

Foreign language processing in multinational companies

Brain drain and brain gain in the workplace: By studying brain structures and processes, we can improve employees’ performance in a myriad of ways.

Intelligence testing

Brain drain and brain gain in the workplace: According to new research, neuroscience is revolutionising our understanding of intelligence in the workplace.