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Work and Organisational Studies

Management Consultancy

Professor Chris Wright discusses his new book, "Management as Consultancy: Neo-bureaucracy and the consultant manager"

Gender policy initiatives - Professor Marian Baird

Professor Marian Baird from Work and Organisational Studies talks about the Federal Government's major policy initiatives to reduce gender inequality.

Russell Lansbury

Fairwork Comission. Employee Communication & Engagement: An Elusive Quest

A very co-operative year

2012 is the UN Year of the Co-operative. Professor Greg Patmore discusses the importance of co-ops in the developing world.

Rae Cooper

Rae Cooper talks about teaching an innovative Industrial Relations program as part of the IR/HR degree emphasizing the importance of industry exposure.

The Business of Managing Climate Change

Professor Chris Wright presents his important research on how Australian Businesses are responding to the risks and opportunities of climate change.