Business School logo request form


  1. The Club/Society event should fit into the categories of educational, career development or social enterprise and comprise of at least 50% of members who are enrolled in the Business School
  2. The Club/Society should have an existing relationship with some area of the Business School and be endorsed by a nominated academic or professional staff member of the Business School
  3. The logo should be used only on agreed terms by the Business School and in a supporting position.
  4. This form is for specific events for which the Business School is a named sponsor. Requests for use of the logo by the Club/Society as a whole should be sent to the Coordinator via email for further discussion.
  5. The number of people expected to attend the event should be significant.
  6. The proportion of attendees which are Business School members should be above 50%.

Please contact for any enquiries.


Who is the Club or Society’s contact at the Business School?

(ie staff or students)

If other logos are to be displayed, note them on the design too.

Please give your Word/PDF file a meaningful name. Be sure to include your Club name and information about the event, for example: Club_NetworkingEvent_DraftFlyer.docx