Exam Script Review

Select your discipline unit:

Please note that different disciplines will hold review days separately.

Check with individual disciplines for the date of their review days.

To attend the review session, students must complete their choice of discipline unit form (where appropriate).

Terms and Conditions

By submitting an application to review your exam, you are agreeing to the following;

  1. The exam script review day is an opportunity that allows students to review their performance in the exams.
  2. If you miss the scheduled review sessions, you will need to contact the Discipline Office of the unit whose review you missed. The Discipline Office may be able to arrange a special review of your script or they will refer you to faculty archives who will arrange the review.
  3. Please also note you will NOT have the opportunity to discuss the answers on the day of the review.
  4. You can only review your exam script in person. You cannot use a proxy or authorisation letter.
  5. You must have your Student ID with you to access your paper. You will be required to surrender your Student ID whilst you hold your paper.
  6. You may only review your own exam script. You are not allowed to discuss your exam script with another student while reviewing your paper.
  7. Only students who enrolled in this Unit of Study, sat the exams and applied to review their exam paper may enter the room. Friends or family must wait outside whilst you review your paper.
  8. You are not allowed to copy/write/alter any part of the exam script or question booklet in any way. These documents are "Confidential" and any attempt to copy or photograph or write on them will prohibit the student from the review session. As a result an incident report for misconduct may be filed.

Appeal Process

  1. After reviewing your exam script if you believe you have academic grounds for appeal in accordance with Business School's policy, you may be able to submit an informal 'File Note' appeal form (available from the Business School's Forms page or the Discipline office).
  2. Do not approach lecturers or unit of study coordinators directly to discuss matters. Please follow the process to fill out a File Note.