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Below you will find the schedule of events for your Business School Orientation Week, it is important that you register for each event you wish to attend as spaces are limited.

Orientation is a great time to learn valuable information and skills to help you throughout your studies so we recommend you attend as many sessions as possible.

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Information Expo & BBQ

Transition Sessions

PG Program Specific Sessions

PG Program Specific SessionsDate, Location, Time
Master of Commerce
Master of Human Resource & Industrial Relations + Master of Commerce - People, Management and Organisations Specialisation
Master of Professional Accounting + Master of Commerce - Accounting Specialisation
Master of Commerce - Project Management Specialisation
Master of International Business
Master of Commerce - Business Information Systems Specialisation
Master of Commerce - International Business Specialisation
Master of Commerce - Banking, Finance and Quant Finance Specialisations
Master of Commerce - Quantitative Business Analysis Specialisation
Master of Commerce - Marketing Specialisation
Master of Commerce - Strategy and Innovation Specialisation and Graduate Certificate Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Master of Marketing and Marketing Management - Introduction to Simulation
Master of Professional Accounting - Reception
Master of Marketing - Reception
Master of Marketing - Marketing Management Fundamentals