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Recently Completed PhD Theses

Candidate Thesis Title Abstract Completed Supervisor
Susan Belardi If you can’t stand the heat: the role of job quality in recruitment and retention in Australian restaurants Available 2017 Angela Knox; Chris F. Wright
Ella Hafermalz The performative office: A multi-case problematization of remote working Available 2016 Kai Riemer; Bradon Ellem
Meraiah Foley Mothers in Company: the entrepreneurial motivations of self-employed mothers in Australia Available 2015 Prof Marian Baird; Assoc Prof Rae Cooper
Jia Lin Zhao “Feel-good” Factors at Work: A Study of the Roles of Positive Affectivity and Individualism as Moderators of the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Work Well-being Available 2014 Prof John Shields; Betina Szkudlarek
Barbara Foweraker ‘Selling Age’: Older Workers in the Pharmaceutical Industry Available 2014 Assoc Prof Leanne Cutcher; Prof Marian Baird
Sharna Wiblen Talking about talent: conceptualising talent management through discourse Available 2014 Assoc Prof Richard Hall; Prof David Grant
Elinor Meredith Becoming a Profession? - Executive Coaching in Australia Available 2014 Assoc Prof Richard Hall; Assoc Prof Jim Kitay
Elisabeth Kirby Will We Ever Learn From History? The Impact of Economic Orthodoxy on Unemployment during the Great Depression in Australia Available 2013 Prof Greg Patmore
Stephen Clibborn Managing from Afar: International Transfer of Employment Relations Policies and Practices in US Multinational Corporations Available 2013 Prof Russell Lansbury
Maurizio Floris Strategizing as Multi-modal and Rhetorical Discursive Practice: A Case Study of the BHP Billiton's Failed Acquisition of Rio Tinto Available 2013 Prof David Grant; Assoc Prof Leanne Cutcher
Caroline Burns Corporate Real Estate as a Performance-enhancing Organisational Resource in a Knowledge Work Context: A Study of Top Australian Law Firms Available 2013 Prof John Shields
Marie-Theresa Edbauer The practice of international transfer management: Pluralism and politics in multinational firms Available 2013 Prof Christopher Wright
Peggy Trompf Another brick in the wall:responses of the State to workplace fatalities in the New South Wales construction industry Available 2012 Dr Mark Westcott
Angie Ng Comparative Anti-workplace Bullying Public Policy in Australia, Canada and the United States Available 2012 Prof Greg Patmore
Lisa Dancaster State and Employer Involvement in Work-Care Integration in South Africa Available 2012 Dr Marian Baird
Gillian Considine Neo-liberal reforms in NSW public secondary education: What has happened to teachers' work? Available 2012 Prof Richard Hall; Dr Ian Watson; Assoc Prof John Buchanan
Helena Liu Leadership through crisis: The social construction of authenticity among banking CEOs Available 2012 Dr Leanne Cutcher; Prof David Grant
Melissa Kerr New South Wales Public Employment Services 1887-1942 Available 2012 Prof Greg Patmore; Dr Harry Knowles
Chi Quynh Do Understanding Industrial Relations Transformation in Vietnam: A multi-dimensional approach Available 2011 Prof Russell Lansbury; Assoc Prof Diane van den Broek
Melissa Slee Learning to Navigate Enterprise Bargaining: The NTEU and Employment Relations in the Higher Education Sector, 1993-2005 Available 2011 Prof Bradon Ellem; Assoc Prof Diane van den Broek
Brenda Ware Reframing Job Evaluation: An Investigation of Employee Response to Job Evaluation in Practice 2011 Assoc Prof Susan McGrath-Champ; Professor Chris Wright
Debra da Silva MNC's labour utilisation strategies: Individual and organisational perspectives Available 2010 Prof Russell Lansbury
Michael Wright Contested firegrounds: paid and unpaid labour in NSW firefighting between 1850 and 1955 Available 2010 Prof Greg Patmore; Dr Harry Knowles
John McGill The impact of executive coaching on the performance management of international managers in China Available 2010 Prof Richard Hall
Sujatha Rao Knowledge Management and Contract Professionals: A study of contingent employment and knowledge sharing in organisations Available 2010 Assoc Prof Richard Hall
Sue Williamson Family Provisions and Equality Bargaining in Australia: Symbolic or Emerging? Available 2010 Dr Marian Baird; Dr Rae Cooper
Sarah Kaine Managing labour in the residential aged care sector Available 2010 Assoc Prof Bradon Ellem; Dr Rae Cooper
Lynne Keevers Practising social justice: Community organisations, what matters and what counts Available 2010 Dr Lesley Treleaven
John Murray Great expectations : individuals, work and family Available 2009 Dr Marian Baird
Anja Kirsch Union Mergers as a Revitalization Strategy and the Role of Post-merger Integration Available 2008 Prof Russell Lansbury; Assoc Prof Rae Cooper
John Elder The History of the Master Builders Association of NSW: The First Hundred Years Available 2007 Prof Greg Patmore