About the Workplace Research Centre

The Workplace Research Centre (WRC) is one of Australia's leading research organisations on work and employment. Based in the University of Sydney Business School, the WRC provides high quality research and analysis on all aspects of work and working life. Over 22 years we have successfully completed on-time and on-budget, over 300 major contract research projects and multiple smaller scale studies.

The Centre's charter is to 'inform, advise and educate'. We do this for employers, governments, unions and non-government organisations, providing them with the practical and accurate policy advice they need to make decisions. This advice is evidence-based, and applies appropriate methodologies and expertise to tackle complex problems.

Our strength is in our multi-disciplinary team of researchers who have a passion for understanding working life. We draw on their expertise in the fields of social policy, industrial relations, law, management, economics, actuary, history, psychology and education. We have also developed an extensive network of research associates and thoughtful practitioners to assist in gathering information across most sectors and industries. This network is assisted by our location in one of Australia's pre-eminent Universities.

The Workplace Research Centre has a proven track record in securing national tenders and managing large scale projects to the satisfaction of clients. Our research is reported widely through conference presentations, online and conventional publications and in referred academic outlets.

The Workplace Research Centre also holds conferences each year to diffuse practical information and some of its major research findings. We have helped workplaces operate more effectively, including via professional training and we continue to run our Advocacy Training Courses yearly.

The Workplace Research Centre was formerly known as the Australian Centre for Industrial Relations Research and Training (ACIRRT).