Conferences & Advocacy Training


The Workplace Research Centre holds conferences each year to diffuse it's recent major research findings. Together with presentations from high profile guest speakers and examples from practitioners, this amalgamation of knowledge and experience creates insightful, current, and thought-provoking events. These conferences give you the most up to date information available for you to use in your own workplace.

For information regarding WRC conferences, please contact John Buchanan or (02) 9351 0198.

Advocacy Training

The Workplace Research Centre is a leading authority on the changing nature of work and employer/employee relations. For 20 years we have helped workplaces operate more effectively, including via professional training designed to complement individual and organisational development plans.

Our programs have a deserved reputation for quality, value-for-money and practical relevance. On-the-job portability is enhanced via experiential program design and interactive delivery.

The Advocacy in the Tribunals Course will run from 13 August to 15 October in 2014. The dates for the 2015 course have not yet been set. If you would like more information, please contact or (02) 9351 0198.