Launching - Employment Relations in a Global Context: An international Forum

The Global Forum in 2011 follows the highly successful World Congress on Industrial Relations held in Sydney in 2009 attended by more than 900 participants from over 40 countries. A number of keynote speakers from that congress are returning to Sydney to review international changes which have occurred since the Global Financial Crisis and its aftermath. The Forum will also provide an opportunity to review the effects of recent reforms in Australia in the context of the re-elected Labour government from a wide range of employer and union perspectives.

The Global Forum is jointly sponsored by the International Labour and Employment Relations Association (ILERA) based in Geneva, the Journal of Industrial Relations (JIR) published by the Industrial Relations Association of Australia (IRSA) and the Workplace Research Centre (WRC) at the University of Sydney.

The forum is now open for registrations with a limited amount of early bird tickets available at $450 until the 31st of December (Standard rate $550 after this date).