Electrical Apprentice Pay is Inadequate

28 Feb 2013

Electrical Apprentice Pay is inadequate

A research report being released this morning finds award wage rates do not adequately reflect skill levels or financial requirements of contemporary electrical apprentices. The Workplace Research Centre at the University of Sydney Business School, in conjunction with Professor Michael Bittman, recently completed the research on apprentice wages for the Electrical Trades Union.  Historically, apprentices were early school leavers supported by their parents while in training. Examination of the 2011 Census data indicates that many electrical apprentices are older, may have families, and are likely to have completed their high school certificate. Yet electrical apprentice award rates are slightly above welfare payments (the Newstart allowance) and mostly below the Henderson Poverty Line. The research found Apprentices experienced living difficulties due their low rates of pay: debt was easy to accumulate and a number left their apprenticeship as a result of the low wages. To overcome these problems an examination of apprentice's award wages is required.

The report is available here to read.

Some of the findings are also available here