WRC Researchers win AVETRA Early Career Researcher Paper of the Year

23 Apr 2013

Serena Yu and Tanya Bretherton have won the AVETRA Early Career Researcher Paper of the Year Award this April for their work in the field of Vocational Education and Training, at the AVETRA National Conference in Fremantle.  Yu and Bretherton have been engaged in a three year program of research "Vocations: the link between post-compulsory education and the labour market", undertaken for the NCVER.  The research explores the transitions that workers make through the labour market, and examines whether these movements can be characterized as vocational pathways, defined by a sense of occupational attachment.  Four sectors featured in the analysis; finance, primary industries, health and the electrical trades.  The research program uses both quantitative and qualitative research methods in its analysis.  A key finding of this research identifies three distinct pathways appear to exist for workers; high skill trajectories; low skill trajectories and marginal attachment trajectories.  For more information, all papers associated with this research program are available from the NCVER website.