The Workplace Research Centre (WRC) is one of Australia's leading research organisations on work and employment. Formerly the Australian Centre for Industrial Relations Research and Training (ACIRRT), the WRC has been assisting policymakers and practitioners in industry, government, unions and non government organisations improve work, workplaces and working life for over 20 years.
We do this through commissioned research, scholarly publications, training courses, and events to share our research findings with the largest possible public.
Our distinctive approach to research has three core strengths:

  • Breadth: Our researchers are qualified in a range of disciplines, including economics, law, history, psychology, public policy, finance and industrial relations. By drawing on all of these perspectives, our research blends rigour with fresh insights.
  • Depth: The Workplace Research Centre has accumulated deep knowledge of Australian workplace practice. In our projects, we can draw upon our previous research, longitudinal surveys and in-house databases, and an extensive global network of contacts in industry and academia.
  • A focus on client needs: We apply rigorous research methods to solve client problems. We work with our clients to develop practical, grounded research questions and we regularly move beyond research to assist clients with evaluation and the design of tools.

Our work with clients predominantly falls into one of six categories. Each category responds to a contemporary challenge for Australian workplaces: