Labour standards and practice

Australia at Work: In a changing world 2009

Client:  ARC - Australian Research Council/ ACTU Australian Council for Trade Unions/ Unions NSW CFMEU - Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union / CEPU - Communications, Electrical, Plumbing Union/ Police Federation of Australia/ NSW Nurses Association/ ANF - Australian Nursing Federation, Victoria/ SDA - Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Association

This was the third report from the Australia at Work Survey, and provided current data on how the Global Financial Crisis had impacted upon Australian workers. Results from the survey challenged the prevailing idea that reductions in hours in response to the GFC had been through widespread job sharing, instead finding that reductions in working hours were disproportionately borne by workers shifting jobs. In light of this and the growth in casual employment, the report discusses enforceable rights and the policy questions of when entitlements accrue, whether entitlements should be portable across jobs and, consequently, who should be responsible for managing these entitlements.

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