Labour standards and practice

Working conditions in small, medium and large workplaces: New South Wales Workplace Industrial Relations Survey (WIRS), 2009 2009

Client:  NSW Office of Industrial Relations

The New South Wales Workplace Industrial Relations Survey, 2009 was conducted between May 13 and June 30 2009 and provides follow-updata to the NSW WIRS 2006 benchmark study. The 2009 survey consisted of a 20 minute telephone interview with managers in NSW workplaces. The survey collected data on a range of issues, including:

  • the workforce and workplace profile;
  • methods of setting pay and conditions in the workplace;
  • wages and entitlements of the workforce;
  • information on union membership and industrial relations within the workplace;
  • workforce additions and reductions;
  • profits, labour costs and productivity;
  • various policies in place; and
  • various attitudes held by managers.