Labour standards and practice

Aust at Work Supplementary Studies 2010

Client:  Unions NSW

Australia at Work was a landmark survey, tracking the experiences of over 5000 workers from 2007 to 2011. A number of fact sheets highlighting findings from the Australia at Work Survey have been produced. The following topics have been released so far:

  • Perceived Manager Opposition to Unions
  • Hours of Work - usual and unpaid
  • Working Time Preferences
  • Workplace Consultation
  • Fair Treatment
  • Trust in Managers
  • Gender Earnings
  • Self-reported Agreement Type
  • Changing Jobs
  • Risk of Work-related Injury or Illness
  • Risk of Work-related Injury or Illness Among Health Industry Workers
  • Risk of Work-related Injury or Illness Among Construction Industry Workers
  • Employee Attitudes to Managers
  • Gender Pay Gap in Part-time Work
  • The Full-time/Part-time Wage Gap
  • Trade Union Membership - Who's Leaving?
  • Trade Union Membership - Who's Leaving Whilst Staying With the Same Employer?
  • Hours of Work for Full-time Employees - usual and unpaid

Report Available Online