Skills and workforce development

Health and community services: the role of wages policy in the evolution of work and skill in the care work sector 2010

Client:  Community Services & Health Industry Skills Council (CSHISC)

This project overviewed a significant body of research of relevance to the Australian Services Union's Pay Equity Application, which primarily related to application for wage increases and an integrated classification structure for disability service and social and community service workers. The research, examined the challenges for skills growth in the community services and health industries. The submission provides background to the industries, before overviewing the research findings, with particular reference to case studies of the mental health and disability services sectors. The report draws out the implications of the research for wages policy. In particular, it highlights the importance of wage equity, classification and associated salary structures and career paths to developing and sustaining the workforce capacity necessary to meet the very considerable demands that are being and will be made of the health and community services industries into the future.