The changing nature of work and working life

Shifting Risk: Work and working life in Australia 2010

Client:  ACTU - Australian Council of Trade unions

This report identifies a series of major transformations in the working lives of Australians across three separate dimensions: change in the nature of work itself; in the nature of households??? lives outside of the workplace; and in the nature of relationships between groups of workers. These changes are characterised by a shifting of risk, from employers to workers in the form of less secure employment, and from the state to households in the form of diminished publicly-provided services including health, education and the age pension. These changes take place in the context of Australians leading more 'financialised' lives, where households are now cast in multiple identities as consumers, borrowers, lenders and investors. The implications of such financialisation on household risk management and responsibility are drawn out against a backdrop of the global financial crisis.

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