Skills and workforce development

Skills Utilisation - An Overview of Current Approaches to Measurement and Improvement 2010

Client:  Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development

This report looks beyond the preoccupation with supply side issues to examine two broad questions for skills policy internationally:
1) How can skills demand and skills utilisation be best measured at the local level?
2) What efforts to improve skills utilisation at the local and regional level have been undertaken in OECD countries in recent times?The project engaged with the international expert community on skills as well as reviewing the international literature and assessing

skills utilisation programs in 30 countries. Key findings arising from this project can be summarised as follows:

  • There are at least four different dimensions to the under-utilisation of workers' skills;
  • Improved approaches to data collection have the potential to drive reform in labour market policy, especially at the local level;
  • Achieving change in employers labour use strategies that is wide-ranging and lasting is difficult.

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