Skills and workforce development

Environmental Scan 2013 2013

Client:  Community Services & Health Industry Skills Council (CSHISC)

The Community Services and Health industry has Australia's largest workforce, and is projected to have continued strong growth. In the context of ambitious government reforms to move the industry towards a client-led model of funding, high demand for care from the community - driven by growing expectations, increasing co-morbidity and an ageing population  and reduced growth expenditure by state and federal governments, this report identifies top priorities for the industry over the next five years. These include:

  • The need to develop new skills to adapt to the client-led model of care;
  • More sustainable workforce development models that make efficient use of higher education and VET- based roles, and which provide more fluid pathways for workers to move between sectors and between VET-based and higher education-based roles;
  • Creating a common pathway of competencies so that workers at all levels and across the industry can respond appropriately to co-morbidity and complex care needs; and
  • Improving and supporting management and leadership capacity in the rapidly changing workforce development environment in order to create the drive for future workforce development and job redesign.

Report Available Online