Skills and workforce development

Model for flexible career pathways into the health professions for existing Aboriginal health staff 2013

Client:  Lowitja Institute

This project was part of a larger national project entitled "Flexible Career Pathways and the Development of a 'New Aboriginal Workforce' in the Health Sector", conducted by the Lowitja Institute. The project aimed to investigate strategies and models that could be implemented nationally and that could bring about opportunities to enable capable Aboriginal people already in the health workforce to transition into the health professions. It was about policies and programs to enable employers and workplaces to be active in identifying, mentoring and supporting the development of their existing Aboriginal staff. The WRC's role was primarily to conduct a comparative analysis of the Aboriginal Health Worker job role. It involved a qualitative evaluation of the workplace-level documentation that defines the content and parameters of Indigenous-identified health positions at the service delivery level. The research sought to examine the construct of Aboriginal Health Worker roles, and associated Indigenous-identified health roles.

Report Available Online