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Human Resource Management & Coaching Programs

Important Basic Information

  • It is not necessary to possess a prior qualification in Psychology or HRM to gain entry to these programs. Applicants admitted to the program without such qualifications may progress to Masters level by means of internal upgrade providing the specified minimum academic performance standards are met.
  • Places in these programs are strictly limited, entry is highly competitive and selection is strictly merit-based. Applicants without a Distinction-level academic record (i.e. a grade average of 75% or better by Australian university standards) and/or at least five years' experience in directly relevant career areas (such as HRM, organisational psychology or high-level general management) are unlikely to gain entry to the programs.
  • There is no distance-learning option in these programs. Teaching and learning in the coaching field is necessarily based on direct and ongoing exchange between academic staff and students. Students are required to attend campus-based classes throughout the teaching session.
  • These are not life coaching programs.These programs have not been designed for those wishing to study 'life coaching' per se. The focus is on the management of people in paid employment and, more specifically, on employee and executive coaching and development.
  • Applicants should not expect an immediate decision on their application. Decisions on particular application may be held over until the advertised close date for the receipt of Australian resident applications.
  • The advertised close dates for both local and international applications will be strictly enforced. Applications received after the close of business on the advertised application close date for each session will be automatically held over for consideration for the subsequent session. Applications posted but not received by close of business on the advertised closed date will be held over.
  • Applicants who have not already met the specified minimum English language proficiency requirements will be rejected automatically.

Further Information

For general program advice and additional information on Human Resource Management units, please contact the Work and Organisational Studies Acting Postgraduate Coursework Coordinator Angie Knox .