The following categories of appointment are classed as affiliates and are entitled to an Affiliates Card:

  • Emeritus Professor (form only required for initial application; renewal each year by email to confirm or update details only)
  • Academic Titles (Senior Executive Positions)
  • Adjunct Titles
  • Clinical Academic Titles
  • Conjoint Academic Titles
  • Honorary Titles
  • Visiting Titles
  • Research Titles
  • Administrative/Support staff

Required documentation for your card to be processed:

  • Completed application form (signed by the Dean, Head of School or Department) or letter of appointment from the HR department.
  • Photo identification such as your driver’s licence or passport

Access is granted for a period of up to 12 months, with an option for renewal. The application form must be authorised by the Dean, Head of School or Department, who is a University of Sydney Staff member.

If you require assistance or further information in regard to card you are applying for please contact us for advice.