Conditions of use

This page applies to all students of the University of Sydney and the information:

  • sets out the Conditions of Use of the plastic student identification card at the University;
  • outlines eligibility for and issue of Transport Concessions; and
  • provides an overview of how Privacy is managed in line with the University's Privacy Policy.

Conditions of use

  • Your Student Campus Card is your University of Sydney identification card and is not valid without your signature on the back.
  • Your right to use this card cannot be transferred to another person and it can only be used as instructed.
  • The card identifies the bearer for the purpose of University business only.
  • Your student card must be carried with you at all times on the grounds of the University and must be produced when asked by any member of staff, or other officer of the University.
  • It must also be displayed when you sit formal examinations and is used when borrowing from the Library. Should you transfer between degrees at either the undergraduate or postgraduate level, subsequent to your enrolment, it is not necessary to replace your card.
  • The Concession Opal card has replaced the previous system of foils or bitmap image attached to your student card. You should carry your student card with you at all times as proof of your Opal concession entitlement. For the conditions of use and eligibility requirements for travel concession please refer to the Transport NSW website.
  • You must not obtain or continue to use student concession travel if you do not comply with the eligibility conditions.
  • Providing false information, fraudulently seeking to obtain benefits for which you are not eligible, or altering or tampering with your Student Campus Card in any way could render you liable to prosecution.
  • If your Student Campus Card has been lost or stolen you can obtain a replacement from the Campus Card Centre. You will need to provide photo identification (passport, driver licence or NSW Photo Card). The cost of replacing your Student Campus Card is $25. If you are eligible for a replacement travel concession foil for travel outside the Opal network, a form is available at the Campus Cards counter at the Student Centre.
  • The form must be endorsed by Campus Cards and $28 is payable to the Passes and Concession Office by email, fax or mail.

By email or fax:

By mail:

Email: passes&


Fax: (02) 9689 8895


(Credit card only)

Passes & Concessions

Locked Bag 5085


NSW 2124

(Cheque/ money order/ credit card)


The personal information and photograph you supply to facilitate the issuing of your Student Campus Card will be managed in line with the University Privacy Policy.

Only Campus Cards staff are authorised to issue cards and access the University Card Management System where your information is stored.