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Childcare on campus

Get the facts to make the right choice for your family

Childcare services on or near our campuses include long daycare centres, school holiday programs and parenting facilities. In the broader community, you’ll also find occasional and family daycare.

Childcare can be a stress point for parents in Sydney. Fortunately, there are several childcare centres in close proximity to the University, two of which offer discounted rates for students who hold an ACCESS card. Open Monday to Friday, they are run by qualified staff and subject to quality assurance accreditation. Each centre provides a nurturing environment for children based on their developmental needs.

The University is also home to a number of facilities for parents, including feeding and change rooms with breastfeeding chairs and other facilities.

Childcare Information Office

Our information office on campus provides resources and support to help you make the right choice about childcare – whether you’re a student, staff, or member of the local community.

The office provides information about the five centres closest to our campuses, relevant government agencies, and other daycare centres in the surrounding area.

Waiting lists for any type of childcare in Sydney can be very long, especially for children under two. Depending on your circumstances, you may be on the waiting list for up to two years.

If you’re coming to Sydney University from abroad, you should submit your waiting list application before leaving your home country.

Long day care

Long day care centres offer childcare from as early as 7.30am until 6pm. Fees are charged on a daily basis, and all children must be pre-enrolled for specific days of the week. Our centres on campus can accommodate 30 to 50 children per day.

Occasional care

If you only have a few contact hours at university, occasional care may be a more suitable option for you. Centres offering flexible care are available for one-off or short-term needs in the local area, however none of these centres are formally associated with the university.

Find occasional care in the Camperdown and Darlington area.

Family day care

Family day care is a council-run service that matches your child with an approved carer who looks after a smaller group of children in their private home. Carers’ homes are regularly inspected by the local family day care coordination unit for safety and suitability purposes.

Read more about family day care in Leichhardt and Marrickville councils.

Fees and further information

Costs typically range from $85 to $122 per day, based on your child’s age. Holders of an ACCESS card (from the University of Sydney Union) are entitled to a discount at the KU Union and Carillon Avenue centres.

We encourage you to contact the childcare centres directly for specific information about:

  • fees and eligibility for government rebates
  • enrolment procedures
  • waiting list duration and priority of admission
  • programs of activities
  • additional services available.

Childcare Information Office


Level 5, Jane Foss Russell Building, Darlington Campus

Opening hours

10am to 4pm, Monday to Wednesday