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Sexual harassment and safety on campus    

Follow the procedures below in the case of an emergency

We're committed to keeping our students, staff and visitors safe.

In an emergency

Dial triple zero (000) for emergency services (fire/ambulance/police). Calling the police is the quickest way to get help in an emergency.

To speak to NSW Police about an incident of sexual harassment or assault, dial triple zero (000) or contact the Police Assistance Line on 131 444.

Notify Campus Security on 9351 3333. Campus Security is available 24 hours a day to assist with handling an emergency or safety threat. Our security officers are certified to perform first aid and their vehicles are equipped with automatic defibrillators. 

Reporting an incident

As members of one community, it's everyone's responsibility to speak out about unacceptable behaviour on campus. If you feel unsafe on campus or are concerned for someone else’s safety, call Campus Security on 9351 3333, 24 hours a day. To make a complaint, contact Student Affairs.

If you need to talk to someone about an incident of sexual or indecent assault; or make a complaint about other misconduct, call our confidential helpline service, 1800 SYD HLP (1800 793 457).

This helpline can also connect you with other University support services during business hours (9am - 5pm) and 24-hour external help from the NSW Rape Crisis Centre.

A safer community for all

In September 2015, all current students were invited to take part in a survey to gauge experiences of sexual harassment and assault on campus, and to gather feedback on the University’s procedures for reporting and student support. In two weeks, 1,926 students responded and the data was analysed by two current PhD students, with a report released outlining key findings and recommendations. You can access the report and recommendations here (PDF 80kb).

Find out more about the report and what the University is doing to create a community where every student feels safe and supported.

Respect. Now. Always. 

The University of Sydney has partnered with Universities Australia and other Australian universities in a pioneering campaign to tackle the national issue of sexual harassment and assault experienced by students studying in Australia. The Respect. Now. Always. campaign highlights the determination of Australia’s universities to ensure that our students and staff are safe from sexual assault and sexual harassment.

National student survey

The first initiative of the campaign is a national student survey designed to provide a clear picture of prevalence of sexual harassment and assault experienced by university students at a national level.  It will be run by the independent Australian Human Rights Commission with support from Roy Morgan Research, across all Australian universities.

A random, representative sample of University of Sydney students will be sent invitations to complete the survey on Monday 19 September. All students who receive an invitation are strongly encouraged to complete the survey, whether or not they have directly experienced harassment or assault, as it is crucial that the data provides the most accurate representation of prevalence. The survey is completely confidential.

Vice-Chancellor Michael Spence said in an email to all students, “It is critical that we pursue research in this space in order to ensure swift and appropriate action can be taken nation-wide for current and future generations of students.”

More information about the survey is available on the Universities Australia website.

Students who do not receive an invitation are still encouraged to share your experiences of sexual assault or harassment via a confidential online submission on the Australian Human Rights Commission’s website.

Support and assistance

The following services can provide counselling, information and/or support in regards to sexual harrassment, assault or misconduct.

University services

External help