Prof Xiaozhou Liao

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BSc Huaqiao, MSc Dalian, PhD Sydney

Transmission Electron Microscopy

Phone: +61-02 9351 2348
Fax: +61-02 9351 7060
Address: Room S507, J07 - Mechanical Engineering Building

Research interests

  • Structural characterisation of advanced structural and functional materials
  • The structure-property relationships of materials
  • Nanomaterials


  • PhD in Materials Physics, The University of Sydney, 2000
  • MSc in Materials Physics, Dalian University of Technology/Beijing Laboratory of Electron Microscopy, China, 1991
  • BSc in Physics, Huaqiao University, China, 1984

Honours, prizes and awards

  • John Sanders Medal, Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Society, 2014
  • Future Fellowship, Australian Research Council, 2011
  • Queen Elizabeth II Fellowship, Australian Research Council, 2007
  • Director’s Funding Postdoctoral Fellowship, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA, 2001
  • Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship, Australian Research Council, 2001
  • Cowley-Moodie Award, Australian Society of Electron Microscopy, 2000
  • Graduate Student Gold Award, 1999 MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, USA, 1999
  • Best Student Oral Presentation Award, COMMAD’98 (an IEEE international conference), Perth, Australia, 1998
  • Overseas Postgraduate Research Scholarship and International Postgraduate Award, 1997
  • Croucher Foundation Visitorship, Hong Kong, China, 1996

Employment history

  • Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor, Professor, The University of Sydney, 2006-Present
  • Research Scientist, Associate Director, The Electron Microscopy Core Facility, The University of Chicago, USA, 2004-06
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Division of Materials Science & Technology, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA, 2001-04
  • Research Associate, Australian Postdoctoral Fellow, Australian Key Centre for Microscopy & Microanalysis, The University of Sydney, 2000-01

Recent publications

  • Sha G., Wang Y. B., Liao X. Z., Duan Z. C., Ringer S. P., and Langdon T. G. (2009). Influence of Equal-Channel Angular Pressing on Precipitation in an Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Alloy. Acta Materialia, 57, 3123-3132.
  • Wang Y. B., Ho J. C., Cao Y., Liao X. Z., Li H. Q., Zhao Y. H., Lavernia E.J., Ringer S. P., and Zhu Y. T. (2009). Dislocation Density Evolution during High Pressure Torsion of a Nanocrystalline Ni-Fe Alloy. Appl. Phys. Lett., 94, 091911/1-3.
  • Wang Y. B., Ho J. C., Liao X. Z., Li H. Q., Ringer S. P., and Zhu Y. T. (2009). Mechanism of Grain Growth during Severe Plastic Deformation of a Nanocrystalline Ni-Fe Alloy. Appl. Phys. Lett., 94, 011908/1-3.
  • Liao X. Z. and Huang X. X. (2009). Transmission Electron Microscopy of Bulk Nanostructured Metals. In M. J. Zehetbauer & Y. T. Zhu (Eds.), Bulk Nanostructured Materials, (pp. 327-342). Wiley-VCH.
  • Zhao Y. H., Bingert J. F., Zhu Y. T., Liao X. Z., Valiev R. Z., Horita Z., Langdon T. G., Zhou Y. Z., and Lavernia E. J. (2008). Tougher Ultrafine-Grain Cu via High-Angle Grain Boundaries and Low Dislocation Density. Appl. Phys. Lett., 92, 081903/1-3.
  • Wu X. L., Liao X. Z., Srinivasan S. G., Zhou F., Lavernia E. J., Valiev R. Z., and Zhu Y. T. (2008). Deformation Twinning Generates Zero Macro-Strain in Nanocrystalline Metals. Phys. Rev. Lett., 100, 095701/1-4.
  • Liao X. Z., Zhao Y. H., Srinivasan S. G., Zhu Y. T., Valiev R. Z., and Gunderov D. V. (2004). Deformation Twinning in Nanocrystalline Copper at Room Temperature and Low Strain Rate. Appl. Phys. Lett., 84, 592-594.
  • Zhu Y. T. and Liao X. Z. (2004). Nanostructured Metals: retaining ductility, Nature Materials, 3, 351-352.
  • Liao X. Z., Zou J., and Cockayne D. J. H. (2004). Structures of Epitaxial Quantum Dots. In H. S. Nalwa (Ed.), Encyclopaedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. (Vol. 10, pp. 175-189). American Scientific Publishers.
  • Liao X. Z., Zhou F., Lavernia E. J., Srinivasan S. G., Baskes M. I., He D. W. and Zhu Y. T. (2003). Deformation Mechanism in Nanocrystalline Al: Partial Dislocation Slip. Appl. Phys. Lett., 83, 632-634.

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