Biomedical Imaging Special Interest Group


  • To increase and promote research relevant to biomedical imaging at the University of Sydney and its teaching hospitals and affiliated research institutes
  • To promote the formation of new collaborations between SIG members, particularly those working in different disciplines


  • Organise regular workshops and meetings that maximise opportunities for SIG members to present their research and/or ideas
  • Develop, maintain and circulate a SIG membership list with an associated biological and technical expertise register
    Advertise collaborative granting opportunities of interest to SIG members
  • Where resources permit, assist with coordinating grant applications from SIG members for shared infrastructure
    Promote SIG activities through the University of Sydney Cancer Network to increase SIG membership
  • Encourage communication between members by distributing a regular email bulletin

Join the group

Are you interested in biomedical imaging and its role in detecting, diagnosing, monitoring, and treating a range of diseases including cancer?

If the answer is yes, then you might be interested in joining the University of Sydney Biomedical Imaging Special Interest Group (BISIG).

Biomedical imaging is used in biological and medical research settings as well as clinical medicine to improve human health by developing imaging technology and techniques.

Areas of research include:

  • The detection of novel biomarkers with in vivo and in vitro imaging of receptor expression and cell function;
  • The development of high resolution instruments and quantitative data analysis methods for in vivo and in vitro imaging;
  • The use of imaging for the study of normal and diseased pathways and disease models; and,
  • The integration of diverse imaging data into medical treatments including image-guided radiation therapy and population screening.

A comprehensive understanding of the biomedical imaging will require active interactions between researchers from different disciplines.

The Biomedical Imaging Special Interest Group is a great opportunity to:

  • Discuss new and exciting research in this area;
  • Brush up on and expand your knowledge of relevant techniques;
  • Discuss possibilities for collaborative research;
  • Share your knowledge; and,
  • Interact with researchers who share your interests.

This SIG was initiated by Professor Clive Baldock (Associate Dean and Director of Postgraduate Coursework, Faculty of Science). Membership is open to all staff of the University of Sydney, its teaching hospitals and affiliated research institutes.

If you are interested in participating, please email the following information to the Cancer Research Network Office by :

  • Name:
  • Contact telephone number:
  • Email address:
  • Department:
  • Up to 5 keywords (describing your biomedical imaging interests and technical expertise):