Cancer Biospecimen Resource Working Group

Biospecimens are a critical resource for basic and translational cancer research as they are a direct source of molecular data from which targets for therapy, detection, and prevention are identified. However, the reliability of data derived from emerging technology platforms is dependent on the quality and consistency of the biospecimens being analysed. The lack of standardised, high quality specimens is widely recognised as a significant road block to cancer research.

The purpose of the Cancer Biospecimen Resource working group is to provide quality advice to the Cancer Research Network Management Committee to facilitate the improvement of tumour-banking activities and create opportunities for synergy at the University of Sydney, its teaching hospitals and affiliated research institutes.


Tumour Banking Forum

The University of Sydney Cancer Research Network hosted a Tumour Forum on Friday 5 December at Westmead Hospital.

A range of issues of importance to researchers and clinicians involved in tissue banking activities were discussed.

Outcomes of the Forum (PDF)