Postgraduate Student Working Group

In collaboration with the University of Sydney Cancer Research Network Management Committee, the PGSWG will:

  • Facilitate student interests through the identification of issues and activities of importance to postgraduate and Honours students doing research on cancer;
  • Identify networking, mentoring and collaborative opportunities, and training and resources, that will help prepare students from a variety of disciplines for careers related to cancer; and
  • Contribute to the activities of the Cancer Research Network with special emphasis on representing the interests of student members of the Network and promoting research degrees in cancer among students.

Members of the PGSWG will be enrolled in a PhD or MPhil (in a cancer-related field) at the University of Sydney for the duration of the year.


  • Tomas Richardson-Sanchez – Co-chair (Camperdown, Science)
  • Rosita Pang – Co-chair (Camperdown, Science)
  • Sarah Frost (Westmead, Discipline of Paediatrics & Child Health, Medicine)
  • Monira Hoque (Camperdown, Pharmacy)
  • Ali Azimi (Westmead, Medicine)
  • Rebecca Mercieca-Bebber (Camperdown, Medicine)
  • Brooke Nickel (Camperdown, Public Health)
  • Merilyn Heuschkel (ex officio member, Cancer Research Network)

Minutes of working group meetings are available upon request by emailing .