Dr Andrew Hoy

Research Fellow
Physiology, School of Medical Sciences
Bosch Institute

F13 - Anderson Stuart Building
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

T: 02 9351 2514
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Research interests

Research conducted by my laboratory is focused on the regulation of lipid metabolism, predominantly fatty acid storage and utilisation, and how this may be perturbed in chronic disease states such as cancer, obesity and insulin resistance. For example, investigations are underway to understand the relationship between lipid and glucose metabolism and insulin action. A role for dysregulation of lipid metabolism, which results in accumulation metabolically active lipid intermediates, has been shown to interfere with insulin signalling. Investigations into the relationship between the main site of fatty acid storage, the lipid droplet, and the mitochondria and how this maybe hormonally regulating are ongoing. Finally, understanding the potential role for altered fatty acid metabolism in cancer is another stream of research.

Current Laboratory Members:

  • Miss Seher Balaban - PhD Student

  • Mr Harrison Shtein -MPhil Student

  • Mr Tim Nguyen -MPhil Student

  • Miss Lisa Lee - BSc Hons Student

  • Mr Mark Schreuder - visiting MSc Student (University of Utrecht)

PhD and Masters' project opportunities

Research opportunities in metabolism


Obesity & overweight; Diabetes; Lipid metabolism; Breast cancer; Prostate cancer


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