Dr Connie Diakos

Honorary Associate
Medicine, Northern Clinical School

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  • Diakos, C., Zhang, M., Beale, P., Fenton, R., Hambley, T. (2009), Synthesis, characterisation and in vitro cytotoxicity studies of a series of chiral platinum(II) complexes based on the 2-aminomethylpyrrolidine ligand: X-ray crystal structure of [PtCl(2)(R-dimepyrr)] (R-dimepyrr=N-dimethyl-2(R)-aminomethylpyrrolidine). European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 44(0), 2807-2814. [Abstract]
  • Diakos, C., Messerle, B., Murdoch, P., Parkinson, J., Sadler, P., Fenton, R., Hambley, T. (2009), Identification by NMR spectroscopy of the two stereoisomers of the platinum complex [PtCl2(S-ahaz)] (S-ahaz = 3(S)-aminohexahydroazepine) bound to a DNA 14-mer oligonucleotide. NMR evidence of structural alteration of a platinated A x T-rich 14-mer DNA duplex. Inorganic Chemistry. 48(7), 3047-56. [Abstract]