Dr Catherine Emmanuel

Level A Research Only Academic
Medicine, Westmead Clinical School
Westmead Millennium Institute for Medical Research

C24 - Westmead Hospital
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

T: +61 2 9845 7306

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  • Lei, Y., Henderson, B., Emmanuel, C., Harnett, P., Defazio, A. (2015), Inhibition of ANKRD1 sensitizes human ovarian cancer cells to endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced apoptosis. Oncogene. 34(4), 485-495. [Abstract]


  • Emmanuel, C., Chiew, Y., George, J., Etemadmoghadam, D., Sharma, R., Russell, P., Kennedy, C., Fereday, S., Hung, J., Galletta, L., Hogg, R., Wain, G., Brand, A., Balleine, R., Anglesio, M., MacConaill, L., Palescandolo, E., Hunter, S., Campbell, I., Dobrovic, A., Wong, S., Do, H., Clarke, C., Harnett, P., Bowtell, D., deFazio, A. (2014), Genomic classification of serous ovarian cancer with adjacent borderline differentiates RAS-pathway and TP53-mutant tumors and identifies NRAS as an oncogenic driver. Clinical Cancer Research. 20(24), 6618-6630. [Abstract]
  • Hedditch, E., Gao, B., Russell, A., Lu, Y., Emmanuel, C., Beesley, J., Johnatty, S., Chen, X., Harnett, P., George, J., Williams, R., Flemming, C., Lambrechts, D., Despierre, E., Lambrechts, S., Vergote, I., Karlan, B., Lester, J., Orsulic, S., Walsh, C., Fasching, P., Beckmann, M., Ekici, A., Hein, A., Matsuo, K., Hosono, S., Nakanishi, T., Yatabe, Y., Pejovic, T., Bean, Y., Heitz, F., Harter, P., du Bois, A., Schwaab, I., Hogdall, E., Kjaer, S., Jensen, A., Hogdall, C., Lundvall, L., Engelholm, S., Brown, B., Flanagan, J., Metcalf, M., Siddiqui, N., Sellers, T., Fridley, B., Cunningham, J., Schildkraut, J., Iversen, E., Weber, R., Berchuck, A., Goode, E., Bowtell, D., Chenevix-Trench, G., deFazio, A., Norris, M., MacGregor, S., Haber, M., Henderson, M. (2014), ABCA Transporter Gene Expression and Poor Outcome in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer. Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 106(7), dju149. [Abstract]
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  • Emmanuel, C., Huynh, M., Matthews, J., Kelly, E., Zoellner, H. (2013), TNF-α and TGF-β synergistically stimulate elongation of human endothelial cells without transdifferentiation to smooth muscle cell phenotype. Cytokine. 61(1), 38-40. [Abstract]
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  • Alsop, K., Fereday, S., Meldrum, C., Defazio, A., Emmanuel, C., George, J., Dobrovic, A., Birrer, M., Webb, P., Stewart, C., Friedlander, M., Fox, S., Bowtell, D., Mitchell, G. (2012), BRCA Mutation Frequency and Patterns of Treatment Response in BRCA Mutation-Positive Women With Ovarian Cancer: A Report From the Australian Ovarian Cancer Study Group. Journal of Clinical Oncology. 30(21), 2654-2663. [Abstract]


  • Emmanuel, C., Gava, N., Kennedy, C., Balleine, R., Sharma, R., Wain, G., Brand, A., Hogg, R., Etemadmoghadam, D., George, J., Birrer, M., Clarke, C., Chenevix-Trench, G., Bowtell, D., Harnett, P., Defazio, A. (2011), Comparison of expression profiles in ovarian epithelium in vivo and ovarian cancer identifies novel candidate genes involved in disease pathogenesis. PLoS One. 6(3), e17617. [Abstract]


  • Byrne, J., Maleki, S., Hardy, J., Gloss, B., Murali, R., Scurry, J., Fanayan, S., Emmanuel, C., Hacker, N., Sutherland, R., Defazio, A., O'Brien, P. (2010), MAL2 and tumor protein D52 (TPD52) are frequently overexpressed in ovarian carcinoma, but differentially associated with histological subtype and patient outcome. BMC Cancer. 10, 497. [Abstract]