Professor Jacqueline Matthews

Professor of Protein Chemistry and NHMRC Senior Research Fellow
School of Molecular Bioscience

G08 - Biochemistry Building
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

T: x16025
F: x14726
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Research interests

The 30,000 or so genes in your genome encode proteins that work together in a coordinated fashion to regulate every biological process in the body. Jacqui Matthews' team is interested in finding out not just how proteins achieve these important biological processes, but also whether artificial regulation of these activities through the design of specific protein inhibitors is possible. In particular, they are investigating the protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions that occur during normal cellular development and comparing them with interactions that cause diseases states such as T-cell leukemia, beta-thalassaemia and breast cancer. To do this, they are using a range of techniques including:

* molecular biology

* biophysical methods

* structural methods

PhD and Masters' project opportunities

Regulatory Proteins in Development and Disease


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