Dr Mu Yao

Research Fellow
Medicine, Central Clinical School

T: +61 2 951 55192
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Cell biology; Prostate


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  • Vignarajan, S., Xie, C., Yao, M., Sun, Y., Simanainen, U., Sved, P., Liu, T., Dong, Q. (2014), Loss of PTEN stabilizes the lipid modifying enzyme cytosolic phospholipase A₂α via AKT in prostate cancer cells. Oncotarget. 5(15), 6289-6299. [Abstract]
  • Xie, C., Yao, M., Dong, Q. (2014), Proliferating cell unclear antigen-associated factor (PAF15): a novel oncogene. International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology. 50, 127-131. [Abstract]


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  • Dixon, K., Lui, G., Kovacevic, Z., Zhang, D., Yao, M., Chen, Z., Dong, Q., Assinder, S., Richardson, D. (2013), Dp44mT targets the AKT, TGF-β and ERK pathways via the metastasis suppressor NDRG1 in normal prostate epithelial cells and prostate cancer cells. British Journal of Cancer. 108(2), 409-419. [Abstract]


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  • Niknami, M., Vignarajan, S., Yao, M., Hua, S., Witting, P., Kita, Y., Shimizu, T., Sved, P., Patel, M., Dong, Q. (2010), Decrease in expression or activity of cytosolic phospholipase A(2)alpha increases cyclooxygenase-1 action: A cross-talk between key enzymes in arachidonic acid pathway in prostate cancer cells. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta. 1801(7), 731-737. [Abstract]
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