Dr Shivashni Deo

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Medicine, Westmead Clinical School

C24 - Westmead Hospital
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

T: + 61 2 9845 9072
F: + 61 2 9845 9102

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  • Blyth, E., Gaundar, S., Clancy, L., Simms, R., Bilmon, I., Micklethwaite, K., Gottlieb, D. (2012), Clinical-grade varicella zoster virus-specific T cells produced for adoptive immunotherapy in hemopoietic stem cell transplant recipients. Cytotherapy. 14(6), 724-732. [Abstract]
  • Gaundar, S., Blyth, E., Clancy, L., Simms, R., Ma, C., Gottlieb, D. (2012), In vitro generation of influenza-specific polyfunctional CD4(+) T cells suitable for adoptive immunotherapy. Cytotherapy. 14(2), 182-193. [Abstract]


  • Blyth, E., Clancy, L., Simms, R., Gaundar, S., O╩╝connell, P., Micklethwaite, K., Gottlieb, D. (2011), BK Virus-Specific T Cells for Use in Cellular Therapy Show Specificity to Multiple Antigens and Polyfunctional Cytokine Responses. Transplantation. 92(10), 1077-84. [Abstract]


  • Gaundar, S., Bendall, L. (2010), The Potential and Limitations of p38MAPK as a Drug Target for the Treatment of Hematological Malignancies. Current drug targets. 11(7), 823-33. [Abstract]


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