Clinical Professor Sandra O'Toole

Clinical Professor
Medicine, Central Clinical School

C39 - Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

T: 95157182
F: 951558405

Biographical details

Research interests

My research interest focuses on markers of breast cancer recurrence or progression in human tissues. I also have an interest in developmental pathways as potential novel therapeutic targets in breast cancer.

I am passionate about the translation of research into clinical practice, reflected in my clinical role as a molecular pathologist, integrating cutting edge technologies into the hospital setting. Much of my recent research concentrates on the application of molecular pathology to guide patient diagnosis and treatment selection.

Teaching areas

I currently supervise a number of honours, masters and a PhD student.


Breast cancer; Melanoma and skin cancer; Lung cancer

International links

United States. (University of Ohio) Prof Tsonwin Hai Professor College of Medicine.
United States. (McGill University Canada) Prof William Muller.


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