Dr Thomas Grewal

Senior Lecturer, Pharmaceutical Chemistry; Research Theme Leader, Cardiovascular and Diabetes
Cancer Education Working Group member
Faculty of Pharmacy

A15 - Pharmacy and Bank Building
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

T: +61 2 9351 8496

Biographical details

After completing his PhD on gene regulation in Germany in 1993, Associate Professor Thomas Grewal studied lipoprotein receptors during postdoctoral fellowships at the Heart Research Institute (HRI, Sydney) and the Clinical Research Institute (Montreal, Canada). From 1997-2003, Thomas Grewal led a research group at the University Hospital Eppendorf (Hamburg, Germany) and later (2003-2007) at the Centre for Immunology (CFI, St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney). Thomas Grewal joined the Faculty of Pharmacy in October 2007. His research examines the link between membrane transport and cell signalling, which regulates spatiotemporal signalling in health and disease. Utilising a multi-disciplinal approach involving biochemistry, molecular cell biology, and state-of-the-art microscopy, he has developed an expertise in scaffolding proteins and cellular cholesterol transport, which coordinates the localisation/activity of signaling complexes and receptors.

Research interests

  • Regulation of EGFR/Ras signalling and trafficking.

  • Ras signaling and stimulation of cholesterol efflux in atherosclerosis.

  • Role of Annexin A6 in cholesterol export from late endosomes and caveolae/lipid raft formation.

Teaching areas

Associate Professor Thomas Grewal is currently supervising three PhD and one honours student and is Associate Supervisor of three PhD students. Overall he has supervised 17 MD, 10 Honours, four PhD, four postdoctoral scientists and co-supervised 14 PhD and four honours students. He gives lectures and tutorials focusing on drugs targeting signalling molecules and lipids in cardiovascular disease and cancer. He coordinates lectures/tutorial for fourth year Pharmacy students (BPharm), and as postgraduate coordinator (2010-2011), was involved in student consultation, development of under-/postgraduate student programs and student assessments.


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