New report reveals insights into clinical trials in Australia
20 December 2017

Professor Jennifer Byrne named in Nature journal’s top 10
19 December 2017

Screening for cervical cancer to be revolutionised with HPV testing
1 December 2017

New institute to revolutionise cancer imaging and targeted radiotherapy
23 November 2017

Researcher wins grant to boost pancreatic survival rates
16 November 2017

A bequest that has transformed research into liver disease
9 October 2017

New Executive Dean of Faculty of Medicine and Health
4 October 2017

Robert Storr’s donation is the gift that keeps on giving
22 September 2017

Standard care for breast cancer trials not always standard
12 September 2017

3 questions to ask about calls to widen breast cancer screening
31 August 2017

Men aren't being offered all options for treating prostate cancer
22 August 2017

New deal for novel cancer therapy
28 July 2017

University of Sydney ranks number one in public health
19 July 2017

What is cancer radiotherapy?
1 June 2017

Westmead launches undergraduate opportunities
22 May 2017

Nanodiamond 'tiny machines' closer to reality with global finding
26 April 2017

University of Sydney researchers win $2m to defeat cancer
2 March 2017

Delays and confusion cloud roll-out of new cervical cancer screening program
1 March 2017

Early career female researchers shine in cancer fellowships
17 February 2017

Health and medical researchers receive $30m from NHMRC
6 February 2017

7 cancer research breakthroughs at Sydney
3 February 2017

Super sleuth questions cancer research papers
25 January 2017

Roger Reddel wins medical research award
25 January 2017

How home address affects cancer's deadly outcome
16 January 2017

‘Weekend Warriors’ share health benefits
10 January 2017


Knowing risk factors could help catch melanomas
10 November 2016

Training program helps 'chemo brain' symptoms in cancer patients
1 November 2016

University of Sydney scholars win 34 NHMRC grants worth $22m
27 October 2016

Does stress cause cancer?
14 October 2016

Physical activity may offset some of alcohol’s lethal harms
8 September 2016

University of Sydney wins five Premier’s Awards for Outstanding Cancer Research
8 August 2016

Cancer Moonshot: new deal to accelerate detection and treatment of cancer
19 July 2016

High-tech scans spare lymphoma patients side effects of chemo
30 June 2016

University of Sydney wins $19m in Cancer Institute NSW grants
9 June 2016

Australia’s prohibition of e-cigarettes is out of step with the evidence
3 May 2016

Study reveals true scale of Indigenous lung cancer disparity
11 April 2016

University of Sydney shares NHMRC research grant to combat unnecessary health testing and treatment
4 March 2016

University partners in medical cannabis trial for chemotherapy patients
26 February 2016

New research taking the fight to ovarian cancer
24 February 2016

Research raises concerns over long-term use of chromium diet pills
11 January 2016


Brain cancer experts crowdsource a cure for deadly glioblastoma
13 November 2015

Cancer substantially affects cognition: international research
3 November 2015

Red meat's a tasty treat but too much can give you cancer
27 October 2015

Tough habit to stub out
26 October 2015

Vitamin B3 derivative cuts risk of new skin cancers
22 October 2015

Scientists pave way for diamonds to trace early cancers
12 October 2015

Less-invasive surgery may not be best option for rectal cancer
7 October 2015

Premier's Award given to cancer research academic
13 August 2015

Explainer: what are biologics and biosimilars?
7 August 2015

Cancer screening - are we harming the healthy?
28 July 2015

Only one in ten Australians warned of medical overdiagnosis risks by doctors
22 May 2015

Wellcome support for synthetic skin that instructs body how to repair itself
12 May 2015

NHMRC funds better targeted cancer imaging and radiotherapy
25 March 2015

$8.9 million injection boosts bowel cancer research
27 February 2015

Let's talk about sex...after cancer
19 February 2015

Breast cancer: women told of over-diagnosis make better screening choices
18 February 2015


New research could prevent unnecessary prostate cancer treatment
12 December 2014

The researcher and the advocate talk breast cancer
17 November 2014

Why placebos for chemotherapy side effects are hard to swallow
10 November 2014

New cancer drug combination halts disease, extends life in advanced melanoma patients
30 September 2014

Can sex affect your risk of getting cancer?
23 September 2014

The kids aren't alright - supporting children when a parent has cancer
22 September 2014

China talk on fighting corruption not just words
4 August 2014

Big tobacco's claims go up in smoke
10 June 2014

Prostate cancer testing is on trial
3 June 2014

Researchers discover 'bad' cholesterol contributes to cancer spread in the body
7 May 2014

University of Sydney hosts breast cancer consumer event
12 March 2014

America and Australia in partnership to save the Tassie devil
26 February 2014

New website helps breast cancer sufferers
20 February 2014

Celebrating outstanding health contributions
24 January 2014


Wellington Resident Gifts $15 Million for Bowel Cancer Research
9 December 2013

Virtual body and images to aid diagnosis
2 December 2013

Genomics expert to assume Petre Foundation Chair of Prostate Cancer Research
29 November 2013

World first trial to improve prostate cancer care
28 November 2013

University of Sydney hosts Australian Smoking Cessation Conference
6 November 2013

Cancer trends tell tale of insufficient prevention
4 November 2013

University researchers and affiliates shine at Premier's cancer awards
5 August 2013

Growing uncertainty about breast cancer screening
30 July 2013

Show us the data on tobacco sales
29 July 2013

ARC Linkage Grants reward cutting-edge research
1 July 2013

The secret life of 'tweeting' tumours
21 June 2013

Review charts way forward for world leadership in health and medical research
14 June 2013

Seeking GP views on prostate cancer screening
13 June 2013

Australian BREAST moves overseas
15 May 2013

Help for melanoma patients
2 May 2013

Quitting smoking unaided methods examined
30 April 2013

Study finds obesity-related gene also increases risk of melanoma
5 March 2013

Cervical cancer screening shouldn't start until 25
20 February 2013

University well represented in Cure Cancer grants
7 February 2013

Informing women on breast cancer overdiagnosis
24 January 2013


Treating childhood cancer in developing countries less expensive than believed
3 December 2012

New weapons in the fight against cervical cancer
26 November 2012

New collaboration to fight breast cancer
22 November 2012

Screening the sun
20 November 2012

The case for creating a smoker's licence
15 November 2012

Epigenetics a factor in Tasmanian devil disease
7 November 2012

Comparing animal and human cancers for mutual benefit
16 October 2012

New drug shrinks brain tumours in melanoma patients
8 October 2012

Ageing and the city: chronic diseases more prevalent in city-dwellers than country counterparts
28 September 2012

Curing cancer: are we nearly there yet?
25 September 2012

Jump in pregnancy-related cancers not all down to older mums
10 September 2012

Australian Melanoma Genome Project a new front in cancer fight
24 August 2012

University of Sydney welcomes its first super-resolution microscope
13 August 2012

New talk series tackles 21st century medicine
13 August 2012

A promising step forward in prostate cancer treatment
6 August 2012

Fat gives nanoparticles a fighting chance
27 July 2012

Would you like a side of advertising with your Happy Meal?
12 July 2012

How likely is my breast cancer to recur and spread?
18 June 2012

Under the influence of magnetic drugs
31 May 2012

3D virtual reality system lights the way for University of Sydney radiation therapy students
22 May 2012

New drug shrinks brain tumours in melanoma patients
18 May 2012

'Next generation' cancer treatment ready for clinical trials
18 May 2012

Fatty acids fight cancer spread
10 April 2012

Preventing the distress and pain of lymphoedema
27 March 2012

Gold used as safe driver of cancer drug
21 March 2012

Novel partnership could transform breast cancer diagnosis
6 March 2012

Medical researchers recommend male circumcision
2 March 2012

Saudi meeting for breast cancer specialists
17 February 2012

$7 million injection into cancer research
13 January 2012


Grant funding will lead to a healthier Australia
15 December 2011

Finding a drop in the ocean
6 December 2011

Project to target lung cancer tumours takes top ranking
1 December 2011

Mutant gene boosts melanoma risk
14 November 2011

Major gift will help fight colorectal cancer
20 October 2011

Philanthropy supports prostate cancer research
6 October 2011

Improving early detection of breast cancer
5 October 2011

Researcher receives leading NSW cancer research award
20 July 2011

Sydney Nursing School turns knowledge to action
19 July 2011

Cancer patients to receive cutting edge treatments faster
15 July 2011

ARC Linkage Grants back 19 projects
9 June 2011

Nurses contribute to cancer research
27 May 2011

New cancer study finds benefit in old therapy
26 May 2011

Several cancers underrepresented in clinical trials
18 April 2011

Indigenous quit smoking program trains 1000
14 April 2011

Cooperation in cancer research
13 April 2011

Fear and poor information increase cervical cancer risks
28 March 2011

Cervical cancer vaccine causing confusion
14 March 2011

Mammograms catch second breast cancers early
23 February 2011

New research makes compelling case for bowel cancer screening program
21 February 2011

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